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Hedge Fund Sales Careers

Below is a short guest post by Mark Goormastic of Goormastic Executive Search. This is straight advice from someone who works daily with placing hedge fund professionals within the industry. The only thing I would personally add to this post is that you must have multiple forms of proof that you have raised capital before in the form of current investor contacts, referrals, or letters of recommendation.

I get a lot of inquiries from sales professionals. The question is usually "I would like to get a salaried Director of Marketing position at a small hedge fund. Can you help?"
Maybe. My clients tend to be small hedge funds with investor assets under $100M. When they are willing to pay a salary, they expect results quickly - within six to nine months at the very most.

To bring in, say $5M, within this time frame your book and career history should look like this, from the perspective of a small hedge fund that might consider hiring you:

- You've successfully raised money for another small (<$100M) hedge fund and were successful. - We'll define "successful" to mean that you brought in a meaningful volume of allocations, let's say $10M, in the first eighteen months. Not commitments. Actual checks in the bank.

- The hedge fund you successfully raised capital for employed a strategy such that the investors who allocated to that fund would logically have an interest in the fund that is considering you.

If those conditions are true then you might be a great fit for a small hedge fund looking for a Director of Marketing.

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