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How to Navigate a Prime Brokerage Agreement
29th September 2009 – London

The relationship between hedge funds and prime brokers forms the core of, and drives the alternative investment industry. It is at the heart of our financial markets. Neither could exist without the other. This partnership revolves around and is based on the prime brokerage agreement. Attend this one day workshop and find out how these are crafted, what requirements they are based on and the impact of the credit crisis.

Hedge Fund Regulation
30th September 2009 – London

Should hedge funds be regulated? Is regulation preferable to disclosure? The G20 has called for hedge fund regulation. IOSCO has produced a consultation on Hedge Funds Oversight, the EC has published a draft Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers. Hedge Fund Regulation explores the legislative, legal, and compliance developments affecting hedge funds. An expert panel will delve into related matters such as the Credit Crisis, its causes and the role of hedge funds. Representatives from major regulatory and political authorities will engage in an open dialogue on this critical and timely topic.

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