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I am always working to provide a more thorough and professional website on hedge funds here at HedgeFundBlogger.com. As we expand this website and our related niche websites on third party marketing, prime brokerage, hedge fund careers and family offices I am looking for feedback on how we could do a better job.

Do we need to add more videos? Less news? More free e-books and downloadable resources? More conference review notes? What are we missing?

How could we make our website extremely valuable to you?

We have gotten over 300 pieces of feedback on this topic in the past and it has helped shape what we offer today. Please comment below with any feedback you may have for us, or sent us an email at Richard@hedgefundgroup.org


Anonymous said...

More profiles of hedge funds

Anonymous said...

Please publish more interviews to the site

Anonymous said...

More profiles of hedge funds and how family offices and foundations work with them

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