Hedge Fund Survey of Investors & Industry

Hedge Fund Survey

Hedge Fund Survey of Investors

Preqin recently completed a survey while looked at the current investor confidence in hedge funds, demand for hedge funds from investors right now, and quality of information or transparency found within hedge funds today. Here are some interesting statistics:
  • There are more investors which are more confident in hedge funds now than there are investors that are less confident since the financial crisis began
  • Only 7% of investors are going to stop investing in hedge funds
  • Over 25% of hedge fund investors will increase their investments into hedge funds
  • Increased transparency and a fundamental understanding of the hedge fund's strategy have been rated as the most important change since the financial crisis began while risk management methods note as the least important change that should be made
Below please find charts and graphs from the Preqin newsletter, click on them to view a larger version.

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