Hedge Funds Shutting Down | Managers Closing Door

Hedge Funds Shutting Down

Hedge Funds Shutting Down | Video Interview

(Http://HedgeFundBlogger.com) I believe this guest speaker here is flat out wrong and is exaggerating what is happening to hedge funds right now, but I could be wrong. Here is an interesting video on how this manager believes that half of all hedge funds will close their doors over the next year. If you are viewing this post via my daily hedge fund newsletter or a syndicated website posting please click here to watch the video included with this post, otherwise please see below.

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Anonymous said...

Richard, This gent was talking about the state of the Russian HF industry. It can be extrapolated to what is happening globally. What is perhaps of more interest is his FoF's proclivity to dabble in FX trading to keep his performance up.

Kim Ivey

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