Congressional Hearings on Hedge Funds | Video

Congressional Hearings

Congressional Hearings on Hedge Funds | Video

Here is a short video on hedge funds and potential regulation of them. For once it seems like the mainstream media is actually backing hedge funds here and the risks they have taken in the past. This is all related to the recent hearings in front of congress. I'm not sure that one of these four people knows much about hedge funds but the discussion is interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to second these thoughts of Shadab: 'Based upon my research on the activities of hedge funds, there are three important
findings I would like to share with the Committee. First, hedge funds did not cause the
financial crisis and are in fact helping to mitigate its damage and save taxpayers money.
This may seem surprising, but in fact hedge funds have historically made markets more
stable and helped their investors conserve wealth in times of economic stress. Second,
hedge funds’ short-selling activities have helped draw attention to the poor management
and investment decisions of financial companies in recent years. Indeed, when hedge
funds short-sell the stocks of unhealthy companies, they help to divert capital from
companies that are fundamentally unstable. This not only prevents stock market bubbles
from becoming much worse, but it helps to ensure that companies that make sound
decisions are rewarded and are able to provide stable jobs for their employees...'

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