Lehman Brothers | Hedge Fund Victims of the Bankruptcy

Lehman Brothers Victims

Hedge Fund Victims of the Bankruptcy

Lehman Brothers | Hedge Fund Victims of the BankruptcyThe following is a short and far from exhaustive list of hedge funds which were recently affected by Lehman Brother's bankruptcy.
  • London-based MKM Longboat Capital Advisors LLP said last week it will close its $1.5 billion Multi-Strategy fund in part because of assets stuck at Lehman
  • Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s bankruptcy probably means the end of hedge-fund manager Oak Group Inc. after 22 years in business.
  • Diamondback Capital Management LLC, a Stamford, Connecticut-based hedge fund, told investors that it had assets of $777 million stranded in Lehman
  • Managers with a smaller percentage of assets in Lehman limbo include Harbinger Capital Partners, Amber Capital LP and Bay Harbour Management LLC, which are each based in New York, and RAB Capital Plc and GLG Partners Inc., both in London
  • Darden Capital Management, an investment club run by students of the University of Virginia's business school, has about $6 million in four funds that are stranded.
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