Britney Spears & Hedge Funds | Top 5 Things They Have in Common

Britney & Hedge Funds

Top 5 Similarities | Britney & Hedge Funds

( To balance out my daily publishing of trend articles, interview pieces, 13G & 13F filings here's a less serious piece which was anonymously sent in to the blog this week looking at Britney & the hedge fund industry.

Top 5 Things Britney Spears and Hedge Funds have in common:
  1. Both the hedge fund industry and Britney Spears get over 10x as much negative media attention as they do positive
  2. With Britney and hedge funds performance seems to be dropping by the month with no end in sight
  3. Both Britney and hedge fund managers have lately taken hair cuts - and are struggling to regain their footing
  4. While both Britney and hedge funds were envied in the past they are now both the target of daily national ridicule
  5. Regardless of mass public opinion, each continues to produce and is sure to be around for a long time to come
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