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Below are some of the top hedge fund software providers in the industry, to get your firm listed here email me at Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org

 AlphaDesk provides the essential tools needed by fund managers, fully integrated in a single application that is easy to use and highly cost effective to deploy. The system is truly multi-asset class, multi-currency and multi-custodian.

The software incorporates FIX connectivity to trading systems and dealer desks, automated and integrated compliance monitoring with pre-deal checking and an end-of-day compliance report, customizable portfolio with real-time P&L and risk, automated daily trade reporting and position reconciliation with custodians and administrators.

Through the use of new web-based technologies the software achieves unparalleled performance, functionality and value for money.

For more information please call +1 416 644 1861 or request a demo at alphadesk.com

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