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Fund of Funds, Fund of Fund, Hedge Fund of Fund, Hedge Fund of FundsHere is a short 3 minute a video I found on fund of funds. It discusses the differences between mutual funds and hedge funds, the risk of investing in a single hedge fund manager and why fund of funds have become more popular as a result of that risk.  If you were looking for a directory or database of fund of funds please see Fund of Funds

Here is a direct link to video.

If you would like more text-based information on fund of funds please see related article link #1 below to my original article on fund of hedge funds. Also, let me know if you have any great whitepapers or reports on fund of funds and I can add a link to them here within my hedge fund blog. Thanks in advance for the help.
Tired of reading articles? Watch more videos like this one above within the Hedge Fund Videos Directory.

If you need a full directory of contact details of fund of hedge funds please click here: Fund of Funds Directory

- Richard

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