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Hedge Fund Trading Strategies I just got this question in via email this morning and have received the same one several times before. It is about how to sell a hedge fund trading strategy to hedge funds....

Dear Richard,

It is pleasure for me to participate in you group "Hedge Fund Group (HFG)".
I see some articles about marketing hedge funds and also about hedge fund trading strategies. Do you have some information about selling or marketing trading strategies to hedge fund managers?

I and my partner just created futures trading strategy, but don't know we rules of marketing hedge fund trading strategies. Could you please post some recommendations?

Thank you,

- Hedge Fund Group (HFG) Member

Great to meet you. I don't think there are any set rules for marketing hedge fund trading strategies to hedge funds, but here are my quick thoughts related to this just based on my own experience:
  • It is rare that a hedge fund manager will adopt an outside strategy unless it is buying that strategy through hiring a trader to add to its team
  • There are a fair amount of people who are trying to market trading strategies and very few get seriously considered or added
  • Hedge funds are bombarded with inquiries each day so it can be hard to break through the clutter and get their attention long enough to market your hedge fund trading strategy to them.
  • If you believe you are on to something you could go to a bank that will provide you with a small amount of capital to trade on the strategy, they will then often increase that amount alloted to you if you show steady positive returns and you can profit from a working trading strategy. if you document this it would also increase your chances of at least briefly catching the attention of another trader or a hedge fund manager.
Hope that helps.

- Richard

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