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Hedge Fund ResearchThe hedge fund industry is intensively competitive. Depending on who you ask or who you cite there are now between 10,000 and 15,000 hedge funds now in the industry. This rivalry comes to a head while hedge funds compete for large investments by institutional investors. Institutional investors spend months analyzing the investment processes and information/research advantages and resources that hedge fund managers have at their finger tips to give them an advantage in the markets.

To provide their portfolio managers and analysts with unique research and insights hundreds if not thousands of hedge funds are using a handful of niche research groups. There are over 50 of these well established niche trading research groups in the US and EU, and this business is thriving right along with the hedge fund industry as a whole.

Not to be confused with hedge fund due diligence which is the analysis of hedge fund managers and their businesses, hedge fund research groups help hedge fund portfolio managers and traders gain unique insight into a wide range of markets, instruments and asset classes. I have met several of these research firms through the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) and writing here in this hedge fund blog.

Types of Hedge Fund Research

  • Commodity Currency Hedge Fund Research
  • Retail Sector Hedge Fund Research
  • Global Macro Hedge Fund Research
  • Emerging Markets Hedge Fund Research
  • BRIC Hedge Fund Research
  • Russian Hedge Fund Research
  • Micro Cap Hedge Fund Research
  • Metals Hedge Fund Research
  • Real Estate Hedge Fund Research
  • International Equities Hedge Fund Research

Let me know if I can help you network within the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) or connect with a hedge research firm in the industry. If you have any whitepapers or statistics on hedge fund research please send them to Richard@RichardCWilson.com.

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- Richard

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Anonymous said...

Quick question: Do hedge fund trader's use the work done by the researchers and make decisions based on them? I always believed that traders did their own research.


Richard Wilson said...

Every trader is different and follows different research and trading methodologies. Some use niche research reports or consulting firms others do their own research. Hope this helps.

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