Hedge Fund Losses

Hedge Fund Losses

hedge fund lossesIt looks like this January has been the worst month for hedge fund performance and losses since the 1998 crises surrounding Long Term Capital Management. If you follow Financial Armageddon's blog or have read his blog he thinks that the worst hedge fund losses are yet to come, which by the title of the blog is not entirely surprising. I will let you read and decide that for yourself.

"Many people are still fixated on the idea that what we are going through right now is some kind of short-term disruption. Once the Fed, the Treasury, the Congress and everyone else weigh in with their "solutions," all will return to "normal."

But the truth is that what we are witnessing is just one small phase of a far-reaching and significantly more destructive unraveling process..."

Read more of Financial Armageddon's Blog or the original WSJ article he referenced.

I don't have a crystal ball so my guess is as good as yours as to where the economy is going to go. As for hedge funds, it will be interesting to look at quarter-end numbers vs. benchmarks especially for Short-biased funds and 130/30 type managers.

- Richard

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