Hedge Me Book Review

HedgeME Book Review

I found Hedge Me to be a great guide to beginning a career in the hedge fund industry. Some have bought Hedge Me simply for the comprehensive list of hedge fund employers and recruiters that is included in the book. The hedge fund industry is a very competitive place to work and by reading this guide you can increase your chances of getting a job as well as possibly avoiding the mistake of working in the wrong type of hedge fund position.

For example this book provides insights into the day-to-day activities of hedge fund traders, analysts and sales professionals. This shows you what their schedules and responsibilities look like and it can help paint a clearer picture that is sometimes hard to piece together through reading articles online and conducting informational interviews.

Hedge Me is also great for statistical references on what you can expect to get paid and how large the industry is. If nothing else you will have hard numbers to go off of and if you can negotiate $35 more pay than that alone has paid for the price of this book.

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- Richard

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Unknown said...

This book provide daily updates of hedge fund traders as well as statistical references. Thanks for the information.


Richard Wilson said...

Your Welcome. It could be useful for hiring and networking purposes but I think it is really a great tool for someone in their first 5-7 years of a hedge fund career.

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