Book Review: Rainmaker

Book Review: Rainmaker

I wrote this book, Rainmaker during my MBA program four years ago. It is a short text focussed on best practices of sales, business development and negotiation that I picked up while working, reading the Harvard Business Review, and speaking with experts in sales and business development. It contains over 100 lessons, models and best practices that can help you grow your hedge fund or business.

As of this morning I have made this book available for free to those people reading my blog. I did this for two reasons. One, I have learned a lot about sales and business development since writing this book. Eventually I will write a book on hedge fund sales but I haven't yet so I would like you to read this more general book on sales and negotiation with the promise that my more focussed text on hedge funds will be many times more valauble. Second, I have found through writing in this blog that the relationships gained from giving away knowledge is far more valuable than a small margin of profit from individual book sales or advertising profits.

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