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Jobs at Hedge Funds

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Jobs at Hedge FundsJobs at hedge funds can sometimes be hard to obtain. I had several people write in over the weekend asking for advice on landing jobs at different types of hedge funds, so here it is.

The following are the three steps I would recommend someone take if they are currently working outside of the industry or are currently going to school full time.

1. Learn everything you can about hedge funds, trends, who the big players area, etc. Subscribe to my blog (yes it is free), join the Albourne Village (online hedge fund community), read white papers and hedge fund news through Google, and read articles found on Hedge World.

2. Get some sort of 1-10 hour a week hedge fund internship or experience of some type just so you can get the clock ticking on that and show actual involvement with a group in the industry. I know you are probably working full time already and maybe even going to school too but getting immersed in the work ASAP is important.

3. Start having coffee or cold calling a couple dozen professionals in the industry to establish relationships that could lead to referrals to hiring hedge funds. Yes, it takes hard work and you will be putting yourself out there. This process of doing informational interviews might save you a few years of working in the wrong position or mistakenly entering the industry with large misconceptions. Informational interviews have helped me land every single position I have ever held.

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My recent post on Hedge Fund Jobs discusses the specifics of what hedge funds look for in people and on resumes.

I have recently found an individual willing to help improve your hedge fund or investment resume. If you would like 1-4 hours of resume editing, coaching and career guidance please send me an email at

- Richard

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