Delaware Hedge Fund Guide | Hedge Funds in Delaware

Delaware Hedge Fund Guide

Guide to Hedge Funds in Delaware

Below is a short collection of resources on hedge funds in Delware.

Someday a shrewd observer of the passing scene will notice the peculiar quality which attracts some businesses to the state of Delaware, and coin a catchy phrase like Delaware Attractiveness to describe it in a nutshell. It surely underlies the way major national corporations predominantly incorporate under the laws of Delaware; other states don't like that. source

Great overview of hedge fund litigation in Delaware. source

Recently, Pepper Hamilton, Pinnacle Fund Administration and Herbert L. Jamison and Company hosted a Hedge Funds and Investment Management Update. This session covered topics such as valuation in light of FAS 157, recent SEC activity, the impact of the credit meltdown, side by side conflict management, and the effect of each of these developments on portfolio construction and management. We recorded the presentations to create a series of podcasts. This podcast features the presentation of Rick Eckman, Partner and Chair of Pepper Hamilton’s Financial Services Practice Group. Rick’s presentation was titled “Delaware’s New Series Fund Law.” source

Vice presidential candidate Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden and brother James Biden owe $1 million to SimmonsCooper law firm of East Alton from a hedge fund buyout that fell apart in 2006. SimmonsCooper attorneys have contributed hundreds of thousands to campaigns of Senator Biden, his other son Beau Biden, and John Markell, current candidate for governor, while turning Delaware into a national magnet for asbestos lawsuits. In the hedge fund case, Hunter Biden and James Biden seek to shift their debt to former partner Joseph Lotito through counterclaims in a fraud suit he filed against them. source

Delaware Hedge Fund Guide

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