One Oak Launches New Hedge Fund

One Oak Introduces Its New Hedge Fund Entitled Alpha Opportunities Fund

A new hedge fund that targets institutional investors, high net worth individuals and family offices entitled Alpha Opportunities Fund, has been launched by Oak Capital Management, LLC, according to South Carolina financial services firm’s announcement.
One Oak chief executive officer Steve DiTursi said, "We are excited about the fund launching and view it as a critical step in building our firm. The product is designed for institutional investors, high net worth individuals and family offices seeking strategies with investment grade quality assets, higher liquidity and the mitigation of interest rate risk."
He explained that One Oak’s expertise employs a highly disciplined relative value long-short credit strategy. The fund seeks to exploit short-term trading opportunities in the investment grade corporate bond market.
"Given the size and scope of the corporate bond market, many opportunities arise that offer the possibility for above market rates of return from fixed income, particularly as it relates to trading volume segmentation" said Joe Scellato, One Oak’s chief investment officer. He commented further, "Our strategy has caught the attention of investors as we seek to manage the residual interest rate risk in our positions and the portfolio, as is practical."
Source: Opalesque

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