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Hedge Funds Rise 2.2% on European Central Bank’s Extension

Following to data provider BarclayHedge, the European Central Bank’s extension of aid to Greece and its new €1.1 trillion stimulus package rallied European equity markets helped pushed hedge funds to gain 2.2 percent in February.
It added that the quantitative easing also calmed down deflation fears on rising prices for oil and other commodities.
The Barclay Hedge Fund Index was up 2.14% year-to-date. "Risk factors were largely out of the limelight in February," says Sol Waksman, founder and president of BarclayHedge.
All but one of Barclay’s 18 hedge fund indices had gains in February. The Healthcare & Biotechnology Index jumped 4.49%, equity long bias was up 4.02%, the Event Driven Index gained 3.57%, Pacific Rim Equities rose 2.81%, Distressed Securities added 2.18%, and European equities were up 2.09%.
The only losing hedge fund strategy in February was the Equity Short Bias Index, which dropped 3.70%. Equity short bias is down 3.70% year-to-date.
After two months in 2015, healthcare & biotechnology leads all hedge fund indices with a 6.81% gain. European equities are up 2.81%, equity long bias has gained 2.74%, global macro is up 2.71%, and the Event Driven Index has gained 2.49%.
Source: Opalesque

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