Meet Christopher Tsai

Meet the Hedge Fund Manager Christopher Tsai

The article below is an overview on who a hedge fund manager and president of Tsai Capital Christopher Tsai is and how he got hooked on investing.
"I purchased five shares of a re-insurance company, which I really did not know much about it, but it looked good to me at age 11. I used gardening money. Ever since, the $25 profit on that trade, I was hooked."
Tsai, who is now 39, runs long/short equity hedge fund Tsai Capital. Today, he announced the launch of Tsai Ventures— a seed and early stage venture capital fund that will use Tsai Capital's proprietary capital to invest in companies.  He's partnered with Justin Soffer, who has had a long career in internet media.
He's been running Tsai Capital since he was 22 years old.
Perhaps the biggest reason he got started at such a young age is that he grew up in a financial household.
Tsai's late father Gerald Tsai was a prominent Wall Street figure who worked for mutual fund behemoth Fidelity.
"I grew up surrounded by his friends and just speaking with him everyday about what's going on in the world, politically and economically," Tsai told Business Insider.
Source: Business Insider

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