Billionaire Family Office

Billionaire Family Office

Through our 44 families with $1B+ we provide co-investment and direct investment deal flow, c-suite executives, and advisory board solutions.  Learn more at

The Billionaire Family Office is led by Richard C. Wilson, author of the bestselling book in the family office industry, The Family Office Book: Investing Capital For the Ultra-Affluent. Richard also heads the #1 largest family office association, called the Family Offices Group  Our mission is to provide a suite of services that cater to the unique needs of $1B+ families and single family offices.

To learn more about family offices and our team, please explore our website, watch our videos, read our free report, attend one of our live family office workshops, learn about our family office training, or reach out to us with our contact information below. We are always looking to help family offices gain access to the resources they need to manage and grow their organization.

You can also learn more at

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