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Why You Should Attend Our Upcoming Workshops

The Family Offices Group is excited to host two workshops this year that will be a great opportunity for hedge fund professionals, family office investors and wealth managers to meet and share insights.  Registration is now open for both the Los Angeles workshop on May 10th and the New York City workshop on June 7th.  
At the Hedge Fund Group and Family Offices Group, we have hosted a number of successful events, drawing high pedigree investment professionals from all over the world to our intimate workshops.  This year we are especially excited by the great group of family office executives delivering presentations on investing, fund manager selection and other aspects that will be of interest to hedge fund professionals looking to attract family office capital.  In addition to our family office speakers, we already have a number of registrations from family offices and high-net-worth investors so it is shaping up to be a truly stellar group of attendees.  You can quickly reserve your seat at one of the workshops here.
There are a number of benefits to attending our family office workshops; here are just a few:
  • Unlock Insights into a Powerful Investor Group: Family offices are growing in terms of total assets under management and sophistication.  Whereas an ultra-wealthy family might have been content investing purely in real estate or traditional investment in decades prior, they are increasingly searching for alternative wealth management solutions that will generate alpha and, ever importantly, preserve capital for generations to come.  By attending our workshops, you will hear first-hand from single and multi-family office executives and experts on how they manage a portfolio, select alternative fund managers and invest their clients' capital.  
  • Network with Colleagues and Make New Connections: Of course, one of the best parts of attending workshops and industry conferences is the chance to reconnect with business partners, colleagues and potential clients.  Our family office events attract a range of attendees from ultra-wealthy individual investors to top wealth management professionals.  Conversations are always interesting and often lead to successful business partnerships, introductions and new clients.  Don't miss this opportunity to join the Family Offices Group community.
  • Come away with the top 20 fund management selection criteria that most family offices apply to their fund manager research process. Plus, listen to a presentation on quick character analysis tools you can use to evaluate potential business partners, investors, or fund manager executives.
If you'd like to reserve your seat or learn more about the family office workshop, please complete the registration here, send us an e-mail at or give us a call to (212) 729-5067.  

I look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops,

Richard Wilson

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