Hedge Funds Bonus 2011

Hedge Funds Bonus 2011

Hedge Funds Predict Year-End 2011 Bonuses to Decline

Hedge funds are banking on smaller year-end bonuses for 2011 despite a slight increase in compensation for the year.  It was a less than stellar year for many hedge funds, with just 16% of those surveyed in a recent compensation report saying their fund had double-digit performance, compared to 45% the previous year.
The 2012 Hedge Fund Compensation Report is based on data collected directly from hundreds of hedge fund managers and employees during October and November 2011. 
It revealed that average reported cash compensation for staff in the industry for 2011 was $311,000, just slightly higher than the previous year's compensation. 
However, those surveyed said they expected bonuses to be down for 2011, given a substantial decrease in year-on-year performance. Only 16% of respondents reported double-digit returns for their fund for the year to the date of the survey, compared with 45% the previous year. 
According to a UK-based headhunter, most hedge fund employees are likely to be told the amount of their bonus this month, and will be paid it in February or March, on the condition that none of it has been deferred.  Source

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