Brevan Howard Top Hedge Fund

Brevan Howard Top Hedge Fund

Brevan Howard Lands in Top 100 Hedge Funds 4 Times

Brevan Howard has become a monster in the hedge fund space, perhaps the best evidence of this is the fact that four Brevan Howard hedge funds appeared in the Bloomberg Markets list of the top 100 best-performing hedge funds of 2011.  Bloomberg did a nice piece on Brevan Howard and how Alan Howard has steered that firm toward consistent success in the industry.
Today, the co-founder of the $32.6 billion hedge-fund juggernaut Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP still makes it his business to keep out of harm’s way. From Howard’s trading desk in Geneva, former colleagues say, he obsesses daily about fat- tail risks, black swans or the mere possibility that his economic outlook may be wrong.

In 2011, Howard’s risk aversion served him well. The $26.4 billion Brevan Howard Master Fund Ltd. returned a solid 10.8 percent for the 10 months ended Oct. 31, ranking the fund No. 20 in the Bloomberg Markets ranking of the 100 best-performing hedge funds.

The firm had three other funds on the large-fund list: the $1.7 billion Brevan Howard Asia Master Fund Ltd., at No. 31 with a 7.2 percent return; the $1.3 billion Brevan Howard Multi- Strategy Master Fund Ltd., tied at No. 43 with a 5.5 percent return; and the $2 billion Credit Catalysts Master Fund Ltd., tied for No. 74 with a 3.2 percent return. Source

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