Hedge Funds Corporate Bonds

Hedge Funds Corporate Bonds

Hedge Funds See Opportunity After Corporate Bonds Sell-Off

Hedge funds are looking to capitalize on a large summer sell-off of corporate bonds.  While many hedge funds are staying away from government debt which appears expensive, many funds are seeing a buying opportunity in relatively cheap corporate debt. 
Opportunistic hedge funds are picking up bargains in corporate bonds after a sharp sell-off this summer, preferring the sector to pricey-looking government debt.
A number of managers believe credit markets are now pricing in too-deep an economic slowdown and default rates that are too high, and are picking up high-yield bonds in the United States and Europe, often favouring short maturities, as well as senior secured bonds.
"Credit offers a very good risk-reward, especially after the last few weeks," said Omar Kodmani, president of fund of funds firm Permal Group, which runs $21 billion in assets. "High yield is very attractive in our view."  Source

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