Investors Look for More CTA Strategies in UCITS Funds

Investors are increasingly demanding CTA strategies for UCITS funds.  According to a recent survey of 51 investors managing multiple billions of dollars, the largest increases in allocations went to global macro systematic and CTA strategies.
The firm polled 51 investors who together manage €80 billion and invest upwards of €30 billion into Alternative UCITS strategies.
ML Capital says it observed a “dramatic increase in demand for CTAs” with 57% of respondents committed to the sector.
The survey found that the largest increase in allocations were to global macro systematic and CTA strategies, both of which saw demand almost double over the last quarter from 30% of polled investors to almost 60%.
Demand for developed equity market hedge strategies has declined noticeably since the beginning of 2011 and interest in event driven strategies has also been quite negative.  Source

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