John Paulson Hedge Fund 2011

John Paulson Hedge Fund 2011

Paulson & Co. Still Adding Losses Through July 2011

In prior years, John Paulson made headlines for his gains, not his losses.  In 2011, Paulson & Co. has struggled to generate returns and the firm's largest fund is reportedly down 22% through July, a startling turn of events for the hedge fund manager who made billions during the housing and financial crisis.
Paulson & Co.'s annus horribilis continued into July—and shows no signs of stopping. 
The New York-based hedge fund dug itself an even deeper hole last month, with most of its hedge funds—with the notable exception of its gold-denominated share classes—taking another bath. 
The firm's largest fund, Advantage Plus, lost 4.6% in July and is down a whopping 22% for the year. Its flagship Advantage fund fell 3.3% on the month and is down 15% on the year.
Investors in the gold versions of both funds are doing much better, if not well: Advantage Plus gold-share clients are down 10% on the year after adding 1.5% last month, which Advantage clients are down just 2.1% after that fund rose 5.2% in July.  Source

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