Hedge Funds Global Debt Crisis

Hedge Funds Global Debt Crisis

Top Hedge Funds Profit During Global Debt Crisis

During the turmoil in the markets over the last few weeks, several top hedge funds have been able to profit while many other investors have lost money. The global debt crisis has caused many fund managers and investors to suffer as the markets continue to shift unpredictably, however, hedge funds including Brevan Howard, Man Group's AHL and Winton have been able to make money during this volatile period.
Big-name hedge funds such as Brevan Howard, Man Group's AHL and Winton are making money for investors despite Europe's deepening debt crisis which has plunged global financial markets into turmoil.

As global stocks sank for an eighth straight session on Friday, hitting the performance of many hedge funds, some top managers are profiting from trades such as exposure to gold, which is up 11 percent since the end of June as investors run for safe havens.

Funds have also made money shorting European bank stocks and betting against the debt of companies in sectors such as financials, cyclicals and telecoms.

And anecdotal evidence suggests managers have moved away from bets on CDS (credit default swaps) on countries such as Greece, Portugal and Ireland, and are now betting on the next tier of countries, such as Italy, or on countries like France whose CDS are already moving on worries over the euro zone's problems.  Source

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