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Smaller Managers Group

Smaller Managers Group

AIMA Trade Association Launches Smaller Managers Group

Alternative Investment Management Association, a hedge fund industry trade association, has decided to extend membership to smaller hedge fund managers. AIMA is launching a Smaller Managers' Group. The group includes European hedge fund managers with US$250 million or less under management.
The Alternative Investment Management Association, a hedge fund lobby group with 1,250 corporate members, has created a sub-group for its European members with US$250 million or less under management.

AIMA says the Smaller Managers' Group is expected to meet on a regular basis to discuss “issues of common concern” including regulations, sound practices, due diligence, interactions with service providers and business pressures.

The group held its first meeting earlier this month during which it appointed Jim Kandunias, principal of Esemplia Emerging Markets, as chair.

Andrew Baker, AIMA CEO, said: “It is well documented that smaller managers in general have faced considerable challenges since the financial crisis. But smaller managers are an important source of innovation and fresh ideas. Even today’s giants of the industry started out small. Source

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