Biggest Hedge Fund in the World

Biggest Hedge Fund in the World

Inside the Biggest Hedge Fund in the World

Ray Dalio has made Bridgewater the largest hedge funds in the world. This week, the New Yorker has done an extensive profile of Mr. Dalio and his fund, Bridgewater Associates. The title of the piece is Mastering the Machine How Ray Dalio built the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund.  The article sheds some light on how the world's biggest hedge fund is run and about Ray Dalio's management style. 
Ray Dalio, the sixty-one-year-old founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund, is tall and somewhat gaunt, with an expressive, lined face, gray-blue eyes, and longish gray hair that he parts on the left side. When I met him earlier this year at his office, on the outskirts of Westport, Connecticut, he was wearing an open-necked blue shirt, gray corduroy pants, and black leather boots. He looked a bit like an aging member of a British progressive-rock group. After a few pleasantries, he grabbed a thick briefing book and shepherded me into a large conference room, where his firm was holding what he described as its weekly “What’s going on in the world?” meeting.

Of the fifty or so people present, most were clean-cut men in their twenties or thirties. Dalio sat down near the front of the room. A colleague began describing how the European Central Bank had just bought some Greek bonds from investors at a discount to their face value—a move that the speaker described as a possible precursor to an over-all restructuring of Greece’s vast debts. Dalio interrupted him. He said, “Here’s where you are being imprecise..." Read more

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