Exclusive Hedge Fund Training Program Opens Today to 200 Additional Participants

CHP Program Opens to 200 Additional Participants

Today our hedge fund training and certification program is opening for Fall 2011 registration and during this training session we are opening up space for 200 new participants in the program.

The name of the program is the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), and it is a two-part training program that can be completed online from anywhere in the world.

Register Now: If you already know that you would like to register you may do so starting at 2PM EST today Thursday, July 7th, 2011:  http://hedgefundcertification.com/Enrollment.html 

Here are some links where you can learn exactly how the program works, how much tuition costs, how long it takes to complete, and how to join today while space is still available:
  1. Learn why over 1,000 others have joined the program by reviewing our list of the Top 10 Benefits of completing the CHP designation program. 
  2. Get the full overview of the CHP program, understand how this two-level program works and how you can customize your training experience to make it as valuable as possible for your own business or career goals in the hedge fund industry.
  3. Read over 220 testimonials and quotes from current and past CHP program members, including many who are traders, analysts, and principals at leading hedge funds.
  4. Learn more about our hedge fund career coaching and resume feedback service.  We provide this for free to all CHP designation and alumni to help them get the most out of their hedge fund training.
  5. Read about our hedge fund internship program that is offered to program participants to help them get their foot in the door in this competitive industry.
  6. Looking to start a hedge fund or improve your credibility as you grow your emerging hedge fund business? We have dozens of hedge fund startups and traders who are about to launch that join our program every year.  Check out this page on hedge fund startup benefits and the CHP designation for more information on this.
  7. Looking at hedge fund job listings and required qualifications? Our team does not offer recruiting services but we do offer a full line of hedge fund job placement services, these are free to all CHP designation members.
Register Now: If you would like to reserve one of the limited 200 spots in the program for yourself or your team please register here starting today Thursday July 7th, 2011 at 2PM EST: http://HedgeFundCertification.com/Enrollment.html

If you have any questions about the CHP program please reach out to our team via the Click to Chat button on HedgeFundCertification.com, or by emailing us at  Team@HedgeFundCertification.com or calling (212) 729-5067 during West Coast business hours.

Take care, and I hope to see you in the CHP program shortly!

Richard Wilson
Founder & CEO
Hedge Fund Group (HFG)

The #1 hedge fund training and certification program, offering more video modules, hedge fund job placement service, and career coaching than anyone else.

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