Family Offices Alternative Investments

Family Offices Alternative Investments

Family Offices Heavily Invested in Hedge Funds, Private Equity

Rothstein Kass Family Office Group surveyed 151 executive directors of single-family offices and found that they are warming up to alternative investment groups.  The family offices showed a preference for hedge funds over private equity with 85% of those surveyed responding that they were currently invested in hedge funds and about 50% invested in private equity.  If you're interested in a free report on family offices or other resources on family offices, visit
The company polled 151 executive directors of single-family office operations and found 85% are currently invested in hedge funds while roughly half report active private equity sector investments.
According to Rothstein Kass, the mean investable assets of single-family offices stand at roughly $416 million in 2011, up from about $236 million in 2010.
Almost all the single-family offices polled in early Q1 2011 relied on external money managers, while roughly 22% also had in-house capacity.
A full 90% of the directors polled were considering additional investments in hedge funds this year. The most popular strategies, according to Rothstein Kass, were long/short equity (53%), distressed (49%), arbitrage (33%), managed futures (25%), and global macro (25%).
On the private equity side, the survey showed 70% of respondents planned increased allocations in 2011. In terms of investment preferences, 59% are likely to target established companies, 39% mezzanine financing, and 32% second-round financing.  Source

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