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Hedge Funds Changing the Way They Use Technology

With increased regulators coming soon and investors demanding more transparency, hedge funds are relying on technologies to help them manage, protect and more effectively use data. Increased regulation has motivated the back and middle office of hedge funds to archive emails and text messages.
According to the survey, the “vast majority” of front office employees get their market data from Bloomberg, 43% use multiple vendors for analytics, and the most widely used OMS/BMS was BNY ConvergEx’s Eze (In 2006, BNY ConvergEx Group acquired Eze Castle Software, one of four spinoffs from the Eze Castle “family” of companies, another of which was Eze Castle Integration.)

Investor scrutiny and the Dodd-Frank Act are combining to encourage middle and back office adoption of email and instant messaging archiving.

According to the survey, Advent is the most popular portfolio accounting vendor among middle and back office respondents, although the market is diverse.

Respondents also use a broad range of solutions for risk management, although 19% cited either Microsoft Excel or a proprietary in-house system.  Source

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