Hedge Fund Redemption Index

Hedge Fund Redemption Index

Hedge Fund Redemption Index Falls 2.45%

Hedge funds have seen less exit requests over the last month. According to the GlobeOp Forward Redemption index, investors seem to be satisfied with their hedge funds. The redemption index fell 2.45% from March 20 to April 15.
Contradicting a reputation for fleeing funds at the first sign of market trouble, the newly-launched Forward Redemption Indicator showed hedge fund investors were broadly sticking to allocations and even cancelling older requests to pull out cash.

The GlobeOp index -- which tracks the volume of clients globally giving advance notice to withdraw money as a percentage of GlobeOp's assets under administration -- fell to 2.45 percent in a snapshot taken on April 15, 0.81 percent lower than the last reading taken on March 20.

"The indicator is near its all-time low when measured over the past three years and reflects continued improvement in investor confidence," Hans Hufschmid, chief executive officer of GlobeOp Financial Services, said.

GlobeOp's data covers around $159 billion of hedge fund assets under administration, or around 8 to 10 percent of the global hedge fund industry.  Source

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