Third Point Och-Ziff Greenlight

Third Point Och-Ziff Greenlight

Three Hedge Funds Record Double Digit Gains in 2010 End

Third Point, Greenlight Capital and Och-Ziff Capital Management brought investors a nice Christmas gift. The three hedge funds posted double digit gains in the end of 2010, helping to lift an otherwise only moderately impressive year for hedge funds in terms of returns. Leading the pack was Third Point which recorded an outstanding estimated 41.7% after 7.4% returns in the last month of 2010.
New York-based Third Point, led by Dan Loeb, appears poised to be among the best-performing hedge funds of the year—if not the year's best. The firm's Partners fund was up an estimated 41.7% on the year after adding 7.4% last month, Dealbreaker reports. Third Point's other funds were up between 32.8% and 38.2% on the year.

David Einhorn's Greenlight also enjoyed a robust December, adding an estimated 4.3%. Its Offshore fund closed out the year at an estimated 12.5%, it told clients.

Och-Ziff, for its part, had a somewhat less strong December, with its flagship Master Fund adding just 0.78%. That fund was up 8.44% on the year. But its Special Investments Master Fund managed to hit double-digits with a 13.16% return, following a 1.58% bump in December. Source

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