Deutsche Bank Hedge Fund ETF

Deutsche Bank Hedge Fund ETF

Deutsche Bank Launches Second Hedge Fund ETF

Deutsche Bank has launched its second hedge fund exchange traded fund, db x-trackers db Strategies Hedge Fund Index ETF. The fund will have the liquidity of an exchange traded fund while relying on the skills of a hedge fund manager. Both ETFs launched by Deutsche Bank are UCITS III Compliant.
“Equity long-short strategies are some of the most popular in the hedge fund universe,” said Thorsten Michalik, global head of db x-trackers.

The new ETF will invest in 17 hedge funds from 13 managers, including GLG, Marshall Wace, Duet, Pilgrim and BlackRock.

Tarun Nagpal, Deutsche Bank’s head of fund derivatives, Europe, said the “live liquidity” provided by the new ETF was a “massive revolution” in hedge fund investing.

Noting that many investors had been put off investing in hedge funds due to restrictions on withdrawing cash during the financial crisis, Mr Nagpal said: “An ETF transforms the risk (of investing in hedge funds) as an investor can sell at any time.” Source

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