Hedge Funds Launches 3Q

Hedge Funds Launches 3Q

260 Hedge Fund Launches Recorded in the Third Quarter

The number of hedge fund launches increased in the third quarter of 2010, an encouraging sign that the industry is back on track this year. The uptick in the pace of hedge fund launches appears to have been brought on by strong capital flows and increasing risk appetites among investors.
Encouraged by strong capital flows and investors' new taste for riskier assets, hedge fund launches picked up the pace with 260 new portfolios launched during the third quarter, data released on Wednesday by Hedge Fund Research Inc. show.

This marks an increase from the 201 new portfolios that were started in the second quarter and the 224 funds that began operations during the third quarter of 2009, HFR said.

Conditions have improved so significantly since the financial crisis that a new highpoint was reached.

HFR reported that 945 new funds were launched in the last 12 months, marking the largest number of new funds started in a 12-month period since the period that ended after the second quarter of 2008. Source

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