Hedge Funds $13 Billion

Hedge Funds $13 Billion

Hedge Funds Raised $13 Billion in November 2010

Hedge funds attracted $13 billion in November 2010, whereas the industry attracted somewhere between $16-18 billion last month, but still an impressive haul.   This marks the fifth straight month of inflows and a sign that the industry can undo the damage caused by outflows in the beginning of this year.
Hedge fund assets climbed 0.08% in November to $2.409 trillion, according to estimates by industry data tracker HedgeFund.net.
Net investor flows accounted for an increase of $12.97 billion while performance reduced assets by just over $11 billion, the firm added.
In October, investors plowed a net $18.4 billion into hedge funds. That followed inflows of $12.2 billion in September, $6.73 billion in August, $7.72 billion in July and a net outflow of $2.54 billion in June, according to HedgeFund.net data.
”The continuation of net inflows, especially following the surge in October, is an important sign of support as the trend in the first half of the year was of declining rates of growth,” HedgeFund.net said in a statement.  Source

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