Hedge Funds Care Charity

Hedge Funds Care Charity

Hedge Fund Managers Raise $10,000 to Stop Child Abus

Hedge Funds Care raised $10,000 at the charity's first annual Stamford Grand Prix event.  Hedge fund managers and other financial professionals turned out to raise $10k at a three hour go-kart ride.  The charity has been around since 1998 and its mission is to prevent and treat child abuse.
Hedge fund managers, high-net worth individuals and bankers sponsored 30 teams with names like ‘Team Awesome’ and ‘Black Forest Racing’ with drivers steering 6 ½- and 9-horsepower go-karts around the streets of downtown Stamford. A 45 minute Iron man race also took place after the main event due to ticket sell out.
Since its inception in 1998, Hedge Funds Care has awarded over 660 grants totaling $23 million. The charity was founded by a former teacher who was working in the hedge fund industry.
In the U.S., fundraising events are currently held in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, and San Francisco. Events are also held in Grand Cayman, London, and Toronto.  Source

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