Hedge Fund Inflows September

Hedge Fund Inflows September

Hedge Funds Attracted Almost $4 Billion in September

Hedge funds drew nearly $4 billion in inflows during the month of September. Last month, the industry brought in $3.88 billion marking the third straight month of inflows. According to BarclayHedge, 9 out of 10 hedge fund managers reported a profit.
Sol Waksman, founder and president of BarclayHedge, said September was "a good month for hedge-fund managers," noting that the firms' hedge-fund index jumped 3.5%--its biggest gain since May 2009. Inflows were about $11.3 billion in August--the biggest for the industry had seen since February.

Waksman said nine out of 10 managers reported a profit for September.

Looking forward, it won't be surprising to see hedge-fund managers invest "aggressively" through the end of the year, keeping "a strong bid under stock prices," said Vincent Deluard, an executive vice president at TrimTabs.
"Investors have poured $16.1 billion into hedge funds in the past three months, and managers need to put that fresh cash to work," he said, noting that more than half of managers have yet to hit their previous high-water marks. "In order for these folks to collect performance fees this year, they need to lever up and produce a blockbuster quarter." Source

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