U.S., U.K Hedge Fund Centers

U.S., U.K Hedge Fund Centers

U.S. and U.K Remain Only Major Hedge Fund Centers

Despite regulations and reforms in both the United States and the United Kingdom, the two countries remain the only major hedge funds hubs.  According to a recent survey, the U.S. remains home to more than 7 of 10 single manager hedge funds, just a slight decrease from 2008.  Furthermore the U.S. dominates the number of assets by location with 78.84%.  Britain has suffered bigger losses but still is one of the top locations for hedge funds. 
The U.S. is still home to more than seven out of 10 single-manager hedge funds, with 70.11% of funds based in the country last year. That’s down from 2008, but barely: It had been 70.48%. By assets it’s an even more overwhelming lead, at 78.84%, down from 79.63%.
Britain saw a somewhat steeper drop—Europe’s largest hedge fund manager seems likely to be the hardest-hit by the EU rules and has already seen some high-profile managers move to Switzerland or the Channel Islands. But the country’s hedge fund industry has not exactly been obliterated, as it now accounts for 12.36% of funds (down from 13.3%) and 12.19% of assets (down from 12.62%).
By comparison, all other jurisdictions are pygmies. China was a very, very distant third with 2.69% of hedge funds, followed by Switzerland at 1.83%. Canada was fifth with 1.75%.  Source

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