Paulson Credit Opportunities Fund

Paulson Credit Opportunities Fund

  Top Hedge Fund Ranking for Credit Opportunities Fund

John Paulson's hedge fund has had extraordinary performance and this year his fund earned the top position on a top 100 hedge fund rankings.  Paulson & Co.'s Credit Opportunities Fund nabbed the number 1 spot on Barron's Top 100 Hedge Fund list.  The fund produced an amazing three year compound annual return of 122.92%, beating second place Balestra Capital Partners’ fund by almost double its 65.63% three year annual return. Renaissance Technologies Medallion fund took third with 62.8%. 
Paulson’s Credit Opportunities Fund took the top spot in the annual Barron’s Top 100 Hedge Funds list. Barron’s ranks funds by their three-year compound annual return, which left the $4 billion Paulson credit fund well clear of the field at 122.92%.
Second-best was barely half as good, with Balestra Capital Partners’ eponymous fund earning an annualized 65.63% over the past three years. Renaissance Technologies Medallion fund came in third at 62.8%, followed by Element Capital at 45.02% and Providence Investment Management’s MBS Offshore fund at 44.29%. Odey Asset Management’s OEI Mac fund was sixth at 41.78%.
In addition to taking the top spot, Paulson is also the only firm with two funds in the top 10, which its Paulson Advantage Fund—which was first in the Barron’s ranking last year—falling to seventh place with a 41.31% annualized return. The Paulson International fund also made the list, rounding out the top 30 with a 20.23% annualized return.  Source

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