Paulson Advantage Funds

Paulson Advantage Funds

Paulson & Co. Closing Advantage Funds to New Investors

John Paulson is closing his firm's biggest hedge funds to new investors.  Paulson & Co. will close the Advantage funds that manage over $19 billion in assets, only allowing new investors in if the current investors redeem.
Paulson & Co. said Monday that it will close the firm's largest hedge funds to new investors later this year.

The Advantage funds, which oversee roughly $19 billion in assets, will only allow new investors in if current investors redeem, creating space, John Paulson, head of Paulson & Co., explained during a conference call with clients.

Paulson & Co.'s other hedge funds - the Credit, Merger, Recovery and Gold funds - aren't affected and will remain open to new investors, Paulson added.  Source

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