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Hedge Fund Contributions Favor Conservative Party in UK

Leaders of the hedge fund industry have largely favored the Conservative party in the UK elections.  According to the Guardian, industry contributors to the Conservative party's campaign include Michael Hintze, of CQS; Crispin Odey of Odey Asset Management; Stanley Fink, the former CEO of Man Group; David Harding, of Winton Capital; Paul Ruddock, of Lansdowne Partners; Alan Howard and Christopher Rokos of Brevan Howard; and Michael Farmer, of Red Kite.  The outcome of the election is important as hedge funds are looking for a defender against tough European regulation.
Britain's next chancellor will be riding into battle on behalf of Britain's private equity barons and hedge fund managers within days of taking office, as European finance ministers prepare for a crucial vote this month on tough new regulations being pushed for by France and Germany.

Despite weeks of populist attacks on high finance from all mainstream political parties in the run up to Thursday's election, politicians of all colours have given quiet assurances to industry leaders that they will fight for Britain's considerable interests in these lightly regulated corners of the financial world.
And while the industry claims all three main parties understand the importance of hedge funds and private equity, an analysis of party donations clearly shows industry leaders have given by far the most support to the Conservative party's election campaign.  Source

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