Average Hedge Fund Executive Compensation

Average Hedge Fund CEO Pay

Average Hedge Fund Executive Pay Increased by $1 Million

It's not surprising that the average hedge fund CEO is taking home a nice paycheck after a year of stellar returns and many hedge funds continuing that success in 2010.  A recent survey finds that the hedge fund executives' pay has risen dramatically.  Hedge fund executive pay has increased by about $1 million more than in 2008.  The average CEO at a hedge fund earned $2.62 million last year.

The average hedge fund CEO took home more than $1 million more last year than they did in 2008, according to AR magazine. A middling CEO earned $2.62 million in total compensation last year.
Chief investment officers did almost as well, taking home an average of $2.61 million. That’s more than four times as much as they earned in 2008.
"The many billions of dollars the top hedge funds control generate fees that can be spent on talent, and managers are ready to open their checkbooks and hire and retain the best people," Michelle Celarier, AR’s editor, said. "Last year was a stellar year for hedge funds, and as long as that continues, the employees will continue to have big paydays."
The survey also shows that risk managers and compliance officers had a banner 2009.  Source

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