Hedge Funds Total Assets Survey

Hedge Funds Total Assets Survey

Survey Estimates Total Hedge Fund Assets at $2.7 Trillion

The latest estimate on hedge fund industry assets places the figure at $2.7 trillion.  But this estimate, from a survey conducted by HFMWeek, may be overly optimistic but it is consistent with total asset estimates from 2007.  At the beginning of 2010, BarclayHedge estimated that hedge funds controlled $1.5 trillion, so it's hard to tell which estimate is correct and harder to believe that hedge funds gained $1.2 trillion in the last five months.  Still the survey found that the hedge fund industry is growing rapidly (at a rate of 9% over the last 6 months), so such a high total asset estimate may be closer to reality than it seems. 
Is the hedge fund industry bigger than most think? It certainly could be, if the latest figures from HFMWeek are any indication.
Its survey of custodians and administrators finds that hedge fund assets under administration have topped $2.7 trillion, roughly $700 billion more than the most optimistic of other measures of hedge fund assets.
The HFMWeek survey also shows that the hedge fund industry is growing rapidly, by 9% over the past six months, and on course to top its previous high of $2.9 trillion and break the $3 trillion barrier this year.
HFMWeek surveyed 79 administrators. Its figures exclude leverage.
The survey shows that most of the growth in the industry is coming in managed accounts.  Source

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