Total Hedge Fund Assets Near $3 Trillion

Total Hedge Fund Assets Near $3 Trillion

Hedge Funds closed the third quarter with over $2.7 Trillion in total assets under managment. In 2007 alone hedge fund assets have risen $337B so far with one quarter left to go. It is possible that the industry could gain in excess of $500B for the year. $50B of this year's $337B came from emerging market hedge funds growth with most of those assets being allocated to Chinese and Brazilian hedge fund managers. Other current year trends have been the increasing difficult time that small emerging hedge fund managers have had raising assets, and how their is increased compition among accredited and institutional investors due to large hedge funds keeping their funds open to new investments longer.

These types of statistics are important to keep in mind, if in 9 months hedge funds gained $337B then on average hedge funds raised over $37B per month. So when you read an article about a hedge fund blowing up and losing $2B it is a horrible stituation for that hedge fund manager and their investors but industry wide it is a fleck on the radar and the former level of hedge fund industry assets are gained back in less than 2 days.

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