Steven Cohen SAC Capital Divorce

Cohen Hedge Fund Divorce

Steven Cohen's ex-Wife Wants Part of His Hedge Fund

Steven Cohen, founder of SAC Capital, is going through a messy divorce that may cost him millions of dollars.  I have not previously reported on this story because it was mostly tabloid gossip, but the plaintiff, Patricia Cohen, is now claiming that Mr. Cohen cheated her out of a part of his $12 billion hedge fund empire.  Ms. Cohen alleges that Mr. Cohen defrauded her out of a substantial, if not controlling, interest in SAC Capital.  
In an amended lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Patricia Cohen claims her former husband "defrauded" her out of "a substantial, if not controlling, interest in SAC Capital."
SAC Capital Advisors is the hedge fund Cohen started in 1992. He had divorced Patricia Cohen a few years earlier.
"These recycled allegations are ridiculous," said Jonathan Gasthalter, a spokesman for SAC Capital and Steven Cohen. "They are nothing more than a blatant extortion attempt arising from a divorce that was finalized over 20 years ago."
The amended complaint seeks to bolster Patricia Cohen's allegation that her ex-husband tried to hide millions of dollars in trading proceeds from her during their 1989 divorce.
The complaint, which Patricia Cohen's lawyer said had been filed in Manhattan Federal Court, had yet to appear on the court's electronic docketing service as of late afternoon on Tuesday.  Source

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