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Hedge Fund $2 Trillion Assets

Hedge Fund Investors Confident Assets Will Hit $2 trillion

In a recent survey, hedge fund investors said that they are confident the industry's assets will reach pre-crisis levels of at least $2 trillion.  Credit Suisse Group's survey of 600 institutional investors shows how willing investors are to place their money with hedge funds.  According to this estimate, the hedge fund industry would increase its assets by 25% by December 2010.  Still, institutional investors also said that they are now more wary investing in hedge funds than before the financial crisis.
Hedge fund assets may hit their pre-financial crisis peak this year, according to the people in a position to make that happen.
A Credit Suisse Group survey of about 600 institutional investors show a confidence that the industry could be managing $2 trillion by the end of December, an increase of 25% this year. Much of that growth will come in the Asia-Pacific region, with 61% of survey respondents saying they are increasing, or might increase, their allocations to the region.
While they’re ready to pour more money into the asset class, institutional investors are more wary, and more selective, than they were before the financial crisis. Due-diligence takes more time, with 65% saying they spend more time investigating managers before they invest. The due-diligence process now takes almost six months, 30% longer than 18 months ago.  Source

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