London Hedge Funds Hiring

London Hedge Funds Hiring

London Hedge Funds Boost Hiring in Beginning of 2010

Hedge funds in the UK are starting to hire again, boosted by a year of decade-high performance and high expectations for 2010.  The funds are adding new trading and sales staff taken from investment banks and other fund management firms.  Reportedly, the hedge funds leading the hiring campaign are Caxton Europe, Citadel Europe, Moore Europe, SAC Global Investors and Tudor Capital Europe.
 Omar Kodmani, senior executive officer at fund of funds Permal Group, said: "There has been a definite up-tick in hedge funds hiring over recent months."

Sasha Jensen, head of alternative fund distribution at executive search firm Kinsey Allen International, said: "We have been contacted by many candidates who were working for the banks who have lost patience with the bonus situation so are looking to leave and work for a hedge fund."

The challenging environment for fundraising has also played into the hands of the largest hedge funds. In the past bank traders often left to found their own hedge funds. Following the crisis, the hedge fund industry has continued to consolidate, making it more difficult for individuals to attract investment.
Edgar Senior, head of capital services at Credit Suisse in London, said: "It is harder to launch new funds than in the past, so existing hedge funds that have capital to deploy and have built out the institutional infrastructure have the luxury of choice."  Source

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